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What is the Ketogenic Diet? – Wanna have Free Keto Recipes?

For those, who have no clue what ketogenic diet is all about, I will give you all the fundamentals to get a good picture if this diet can be a good choice for you. Also if you have already a ketogenic background and you want to improve your keto-performance, this guide is for you. This article might not be as entertaining as my other articles but for sure informative.

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General Info

So, what is the ketogenic diet?
Ketogenic nutrition is food that forces your body to reach the metabolic state called “ketosis”.
If you give the ketogenic diet the first shot, you may want to know where exactly to start and how to continue.
The ketogenic diet is a high-fat, adequate-protein, low-carbohydrate diet. This food forces the body to burn fats rather than carbohydrates. This so-called metabolic state is known as ketosis.
Quickly explained, you eat the right fats, some protein, close to no carbs and you start reducing body fat.

More details on Ketosis

When you eat carb’s your body starts producing glucose and insulin. Your body prefers glucose as an energy source. Then the fat is no longer needed for creating energy, and so your body stores the fat. Your overall body fat increases. Insulin is responsible for the transport of glucose around your body. Once you consume more glucose than necessary, your body converts it into fat and stores it.

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Every time your body runs out of glucose the body starts screaming: “Give me more food, give me more glucose” and so the vicious circle begins. You consume more glucose, produce more fat and so on.
Fortunately, it is possible to transform your body into a fat burning machine. When you are in the ketosis, fat becomes the primary source of energy. Once this happens your body is not waiting for more glucose, he wants to burn fat.
So in a way you are starving carbs to lower your level of glucose, hence insulin level goes down, the liver starts breaking down fat in your body. The liver produces ketones, and they help to reduce fat.

If you want to dig deeper into this, then I recommend you to read a good ketogenic book, or join the fast way to health.

That is a Fast Summit where nutrition experts discuss fasting on a deeper level, and you will learn everything necessary about fasting.

How long does it take to get into the metabolic state?

There are different levels of ketosis, and you can measure your state via breath ketone meters, blood ketone meters, and urinal strips.

The levels of ketosis are
•    > 0.5mmol/l – light ketoses, reachable after a few days
•    1.0 – 3.0 mmol/l – optimal ketosis level
•    3.0 mmol/l – people doing intense sports & diet
•    > 6 mmol/l – only possible with diabetes I

Below 0.5 mmol/l you will not burn more fat. Once you reach 0.5 mmol/l, you slowly start burning more fat. The optimal level is considered 3, as you can see above. Usually, you should try the ketogenic diet at last for one month to see if it works for you and to reach the optimal ketosis level.

Once you are in a metabolic state of ketosis,

You will experience a lot of benefits

does ketogenic diet work

A)    The number one advantage is you will lose weight
B)    You will be able to reduce blood sugar
C)    more energy
D)    increased focus
E)    Better skin
G)    Helps to stop the growth of cancerous cells in your body

Opinions differ if you should measure your state of ketosis or not. Some people say a good meal plan should accomplish this as well, and in some books, I have read you should start measuring your ketosis level with urinal and blood ketone meters to consider ketogenic diet results seriously.

That is excellent info now, but how should you use it?

1)    Set a goal
For example, lose 15 pounds, lose 10 inches of belly fat. Improve your physical condition.
2)    Prepare yourself mentally with the help of friends or use audio programs
3)    Start adjusting your meal plan
(some awesome recipes you will find right below)
4)  Start using checklists to control your weight loss.
If you do not lose weight, you should check if you are eating correctly. Common mistakes are

You eat not fat enough
You eat too much protein
You do not drink enough water

If you discover you are not losing weight, you should, in that case, start to measure your ketogenic level.

I hope you got all the info about the ketogenic diet you wanted. With this foundation, you can now gather more information if you want to and you can explore further articles on my website or anywhere else you want. Feel free to comment on this article and let me know if I could give you enough information on this topic. I will be more then happy to answer, and if you want to help me to improve my articles this would be great for everyone that wants to get information on the ketogenic diet.

As promised I will ship you two awesome ketogenic recipes at the end of this article. Enjoy them and as always

stay healthy and fit




Keto-Shake Angry Cow

Preparation 2 min
Portions 2

200 g water
100 g cream
15 g whey protein powder vanilla
15 g almond puree
15 g coconut puree
1 tablespoon coconut or MCT oil
100 g frozen strawberries or raspberries

Put all ingredients in a mixer and prepare the shake

Bacon with Avocado
Preparation 5 min

Portions 2

6 thick slices of bacon
coconut oil
1 avocado
100 g sour cream

Heat coconut oil in a pan and put the bacon in. Serve on a plate with the peeled avocado cut into slices. Pour the remaining coconut oil over the plate.


2 comments on “What is the Ketogenic Diet? – Wanna have Free Keto Recipes?

  1. taniahersels

    Your explanation of what is the Ketogenic Diet is excellent. You have explained the process in a clear way that has helped me to understand about ketosis. Is there a particular exercise regime that is followed with this process. I noted your recipes, the amount of bacon in the second recipe is very generous.

    • HI Tania!

      Thank you so much for your comment and your kind words.

      When starting the ketogenic diet, it is best to eat as much fat as possible. Consuming fat is more important then consuming proteins, carbohydrates should be avoided.

      Thus the liver starts building ketones. One mistake many people do is that they eat to much protein and not enough fat. This is why the amount of bacon is so generous 😉

      There are some rituals you can slowly itegrate in your daily meal plan. For example giving healthy oil into your morning coffee 😉 to boost the production of keton bodies. I will have to write another article to answer this question fully.

      Main important thing is to recude your carb consume to 50g per day.

      All the best


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