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What is the Best Way To Lose Belly Fat Fast – The Secret Revealed

Most of my life, at last for nine years, I tried to win the struggle of losing belly fat. There were months where I was disciplined and lost a few pounds and thought: “I can achieve anything”, and then, the other months, I fell into the trap of rebound weight and gained all the pounds back.

This consistent weight gain and loss were killing me because in most cases my dieting efforts ended up being useless.

I figured ways to lose 16 pounds in four weeks just to gain them back in the other four weeks. What the heck? That is overall no satisfying situation.

Because of all these occurrences, I started studying weight loss in depth to find an answer to a lot of question that came up the last years. One of them was: What is the best way to lose belly fat fast?

ways to lose belly fat fast

I had a lot of meetings with fitness trainers and nutritionists over time.

Today I had another meeting with an Austrian nutrition expert Christian Aumüller. I remembered, when I was doing the Review of Thin from Within, I read about the influence of gut bacteria on our health. Thus, I wanted to discuss how much they affect our weight loss and energy level.

Also, I wanted to dig deeper into the topic: how to lose weight naturally and as fast as possible. There are guidelines you will have to follow. They are easy to handle, and I expect that anyone of you can follow my instructions.

Keep your Glucose Level low

5 ways lose belly fat

Key to fortunately losing belly fat is to keep your glucose level low. There are several ways to achieve this.

A) Longer fasting periods

B) Reducing your consumption of carbohydrates

You can achieve this either through the ketogenic diet or intermittent fasting. If you are capable of reducing the amount of glucose intake drastically, you turn your body into a fat burning machine. The liver produces ketones that burn fat faster. The faster you reach this metabolic state, the quicker you lose weight.

That is also a reason why you have to

Schedule your Meals correctly

best diet meal plans

In my experience, especially magazines tend to argue, that you have to eat small portions of food throughout the day. In my opinion, after all my research this is wrong unless you do eat ketogenic meals!

Once you consume carbohydrates, your glucose-level goes up, and that blocks the fat burning process. If you want to lose weight fast, you should avoid carbs. Eat 17-21 meals a week. Non-eating periods should last 5 hours or more. Then it is easier for your body to stay in fat burning mode. Mix in two days with only two meals a day. After four to six weeks your body will get used to it.

Eat nothing for four hours before you go to sleep.

The metabolic state of your body goes down in the night. Thus, fat burning is not as effective as through the day, and you will have a less pleasant sleep.

Do Sports at the Right Time

top diet meal plans

Since I have been doing sports my whole life, I have experience enough. I did try everything. I ate nothing before any sports activity, and I ate right before I started my exercises.

Besides performing way better when eating nothing, it has a positive effect on your weight loss. Research has shown that you should not eat four hours before you do sports to perform better.

Also, one to two hours afterward keep your fingers away from any food. This will boost your loss of belly fat. Try it out. The more often you do sports this way, the faster you will lose your body fat 😉

That is especially true for endurance sports. If you are training with weights then eating before the training is less critical.

Fat Burning Food

Fish, almonds, olive oil, coconut oil, in general food that contains Omega 3 fat. There are a lot of studies out there, and some say there is not enough evidence to prove a physical effect on the body, but many nutritionists recommend eating it and in combination with intermittent fasting it works out well.

Avocado and Mango are two of the best foods to lose body fat. Keep in mind: you need to reduce the overall carbs consumption that you start losing belly fat.

Also, berries and vegetables should be in your standard meal plan.

The Food you should avoid

Milk and milk products are harmful to your gut bacterias. Your body then needs more energy to maintain a healthy gut flora and has less power left to burn fat. Instead, consume almond milk or coconut milk.

Food that contains fructose is also not good. That is terrible news for all juice fans. I love smoothies and my juicer, and I can’t live a life without drinking juices.

But crucial is to eat longterm more healthy, fat burning food than meals you should avoid. You still can make a delicious juice but as a guideline put two pieces of vegetables in it and only one portion of fruit 😉

Maybe you want to check out one of my healthy smoothie recipes.


5 ways to lose belly fat fast


One avocado

One mango

If you like it sweet, then add one tablespoon of honey. If the mango is mellow, you do not need to add honey.

200g coconut milk

crushed ice

Put the ingredients in the juicer and enjoy.

Do not give up, and win the fight

In the end, I hope, I could explain to you how you can fast and efficiently lose weight. Every beginning of changing your nutrition is hard. I know that, and I still struggle sometimes when I try out new meal plans, but keep in mind your body and the extra amount of energy you will create, is worth it.

If you want to maintain your weight loss longterm, it is necessary to change your nutrition longterm and to start intermittent fasting. In case, you want further assistance I recommend checking out my Review of the Lean Bellybreakthrough. If you need ideas for a meal plan, you can check out these ketogenic recipes.

If you have any further questions feel free to ship me a message and I will be more than happy to answer.

Stay healthy and fit.






8 comments on “What is the Best Way To Lose Belly Fat Fast – The Secret Revealed

  1. Hello
    I want to start off by saying thank you. I have been like you find ways to loose weight and then eventually putting all back on no matter what I try. You gave me some very helpful tips like not eating hours before bed, and love the smoothie recipe. I love mango and avocados. I am going to give these a try with cutting out the carbs. Thank you

  2. Your read on what is the best way to loose belly fat fast, I must say was one of the more captivating article’s, that kept me totally engaged for a while, and that is a fact.I have alway’s exercised my entire life, however as you have stated, and experienced the same problem’s, I have alway’s struggled with belly fat, as well. The content of this post has opened my eye’s for a healthier life, from my blood glucose level,’s being lowered, thru fasting and cutting back on carb’s as well, would glucose intake be from carbs and sugars?. I really loved your post, and will be seeing you soon, sincerely, Jack P.S. I will be checking into the Ketogenic diet.

    • Hey Jack!

      Thank you for your kind words.

      It seems like we are soul brothers, I also exercised my entire life, and I loved working out and doing any sports. You are right, your glucose level increases once you eat carbs and sugar. Keep in mind also vegetables contain carbohydrates but fewer. If you want to dig deeper into this, I recommend checking out my other articles.  I have already written one with a free printable ketogenic diet food list.

      You can download it for free. For sure this will help you out.

      Stay healthy and fit.


  3. Thank you so much for your fascinating article.I will give a try for the recipe you provide us.I hope this will help me?

    • Hi Abraham!
      Thank you for your comments. This recipe will for sure help you. I will offer more recipes on my site over time.
      Have a good day

  4. Beontheway,

    Good job, I like the content it speaks to me. Your site design is easy to read. I like the ample margin space for each sub heads. Visuals connects with me.

    I share your feelings about what to eat and not. I am an Atkins dieter, caveman dieter, ketogenic dieter and no not a vegan. Vegetables are great but certain ones that you mentioned.

    Coconut oils is essential to me. I use it. We parallel with the philosophy of dieting. I am biased my brother, I believe in your content and methods of exercise

    Great job on your site, now you have to get the word out.
    Your site is solely needed my friend!


    • Hey Frank!

      I am happy you found my content useful. I know there are loads of diet sites out there, but the delivered message is not always on point and is lacking helpful advice.

      Frankly, I try to provide that, and I am always happy about feedback even if it is a negative one.

      Are you familiar with the Atkins diet? That is a great thing. I love people that take care of their health. Would be a great topic for one of my next posts.

      Thanks to you


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