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Thin from Within Review – Free Ketogenic Recipes included?

Welcome to my second Review. I am so excited to test another product. Today we talk about the ketogenic diet program ==> Thin from Within.

I will show you, what to expect once you have purchased this online diet program. Let’s go!

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Product Overview

Core Product: “Live Thin from Within” Review

Author: Brad Pilon

Price: $37.00 + Shipping Costs = Total $73

Contains: 12 Weeks Weight Loss Program + 12 Week Workout + Nutrition Calculator

Possible upsells once you login into your user account:

  • Prebiotic Cookbook features fat burning and gut-friendly meals. Including 111 recipes: $19.95
  • Meal Plans: 12 Weeks full done Meal Plan: $79
  • Final Phase System: Advanced nutritional techniques to ensure that you don’t experience rebound weight gain: $37

Guarantee: 60 days money back guarantee

Product Overview

Thin from Within is for women, who have struggled with dieting in the past. If you are looking for pills, powders or similar, you are definitely in the wrong place. You will have to do workouts, and you have to follow the full meal plan to lose weight.

Exercise Variety

You will get 108 well explained exercise videos for a full 12 Weeks Workout + more than 60 coaching videos explaining gut bacteria and how a particular food affects gut bacteria. A super fit guy explains the work out while a sexy woman shows you how to do them. That looks so far professional, and they put a lot of effort into this part of the program.

Rating: 9/10


You get an ebook with 70 pages full of talk about gut bacterias.

For me, it was strange that the author does not mention his name in the ebook. At the end of the ebook, there are a lot of references quoted he is relating to.

That fact tremendously reduces my trust in this product. The author has another site, where he promotes intermittent fasting and his new book, eat-stop-eat. The rating of that book are so far excellent. The Ketogenic Diet is not anywhere else present, only at Clickbank. I somehow do not understand why that is?

Right in the beginning, Pilon talks about a guy named Aubrey de Grey.

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His research focuses on the prevention of the aging process. It is a real person but not sure if the story in the ebook is true. The author talks about meeting Audrey in a Pub. Then they drink beer and start talking about gut bacteria.

My impression: it is a made-up story, but of course I cannot guarantee. You can build your own opinion on that.

Maybe someone wanted to be creative and deliver something new.


After 20 pages of gut stories, it gets interesting. The author writes about how to start the program. I try to summarize it for you.

Phase 1: First two weeks you have to eat right foods to improve the bacterial richness in people.

Phase 2: Metabolic Override. This phase is designed to optimize the fat burning hormone Leptin.

Part 1: 3-4 weeks, Part 2: 7-12 weeks

Within each phase, you get appropriate recommendations for calories, protein, fiber foods, and meal timing.

This part of the ebook sounds reasonable.

You can use the nutritional calculator to get a detailed analysis of how much protein, carbs, and fat you should eat. You type in height and weight, then the program presents the results and shows you, what you are allowed to eat.

That is useful and it is a feature that other diet programs do not include, but one annoying thing appears at the end of the book. They try to sell a Biotrust Supplement to you.

For me, this is a no go. In the beginning, Pilon tells you: If you are looking for pills, powders or similar, you are definitely in the wrong place, and out of a sudden 50 pages later he want to sell supplements to you.

For me, this is entirely a tabu, and it reduces trust.

Rating: 3/10

Extra features

Further, you get a list of restricted foods, meals enoyable only in limited portions, and meals that should be your first choice for each Phase.

Rating: 7/10

Included Recipes

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That is the weakness of this program. It only consists of a meal plan for four days! You are forced to buy the cookbook or the meal plan book if you want to have food-variety. These extra costs are additionally $99.

Honestly, instead, I recommend you buying ==> The Ketosis Cookbook

That includes:

– Seven-day meal plan and over 370 recipes

1st Bonus Book: The Ultimate Guide To The Ketogenic Diet

2nd Bonus Book: 12 Week Meal Plan

3rd Bonus Book: Keto Slow Cook Meals

4th Bonus Book: Keto Desserts

for Total $60

That’s around 40% fewer costs with multiple times more value compared to buying the upsells of ThinfromWithin

Rating: 1/10


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– A vast amount of exercises that help you to improve your body shape

– You get an insight into how gut bacteria work (in case you trust the author)

– The program provides you with a food list overview. You learn about restricted, recommended and partly consumable food

– Upsells that can deliever value

– The program promises results that take time to show, and it will not work for everyone the same -> this is trustable

on the other hand


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-The program claims it will not use pills, and then it sells you nutritional supplements

-Story not 100% trustable

– not enough recipes and meal plans provided you need to buy an upsell

– some extra equipment might be beneficial to buy, but that will cost extra dollars

– This program is, but that is true for any online application, no replacement for healthcare. If you suffer from certain illnesses always consult your local doctor

My Impressions

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The workouts are great, they are for sure helpful, but the coaches do the exercises in a home-fitness studio. I do not have a studio or many weights at home, you? You are forced to buy some fitness products to perform some exercises.

I can’t wholeheartedly recommend that product, especially after Reviewing Lean Bellybreakthrough

They disprove some things they state.There are expensive upsells, and those of you who love meal plans will have to invest a lot of extra money.

A possible solution could be buying ==> The Core Product + The Ketosis Cookbook

My total Rating for this product is 5/10

For sure you will lose weight fulling the given advice, so it is NO SCAM. But if you are like me, you want to get value once you buy a product. Recipes and meal plans are part of a diet program and should also be part of the core product. That helps me to build trust and believe in a product.

If you like eating a lot of fat and as much as you want then this diet might be for you. Make sure you have enough money to invest in the mentioned upsells.

If you have any further questions, please let me know, and I am more then happy to answer them.

Stay healthy & fit.


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