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Intermittent fasting benefits for women – 3 important facts !

It is already proven that overweight leads to certain illnesses. When having 20 pounds of weight too much, or even more, and being older than 35, it can be a “deadly” combination. Your body loses weight not as fast as it did when you were younger.

You most likely have a job besides, two or more children and starting a diet might seem too hard. Wouldn’t it be nice if there would be an easy solution? During the following paragraphs, I will point out intermittent fasting benefits for women.

Before we dig deeper into that, I want to talk about an interesting question:

Is it more important to eat healthily and to do sports on a regular basis compared to lose weight and doing no sports?

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The answer is quite impressive. A healthy lifestyle decreases primarily morbidity while a leaner body has a high impact on the mortality rate. Overall losing weight contributes to a higher expectancy of life. Researchers Elaine Hsieh, Marc Hellerstein and Christine Chai, all worked together at the University of Berkeley, have shown that doing sports and healthy nutrition can prevent untimely death caused by various illnesses.

Another research study, lasting for more than 20 years, having tested about 100.000 women confirmed that women with less weight live on average longer.

Knowing this, I hope you have now an extra motivation to start dieting and stay on track because we come to our

First intermittent fasting benefit for women

The overall risk of tumors goes down when you start losing weight. This is especially important for women because breast cancer is the most frequent form of cancer. There are a lot of scientific talks but interesting for sure and backing up the whole article. If you start dieting there might be a struggle when changing nutrition

Counting calories and searching for the right products can be complicated and on top of that, the so-called “healthy food” than very often does not taste as good as all the fatty foods out there. This makes it from a mental point of view tough to change the meal plan, and it is even harder to accomplish that on a consistent basis.

Another benefit of the intermittent fasting benefits for women is

You are allowed to eat anything and until you are full

how to lose body fat for women

The only thing you need to get used to is the non-eating intervals but every start of something new is hard, and you will get used to them when starting intermittent fasting. After you have chosen your variant of dieting, if you are a beginner it will be most likely the option “eat 16 hours nothing and 8 hours you can eat what you want”.

The last thing I want you to do is going to bed hungry. So, in case you are going to sleep early, you can take your breakfast at 9 am, eat lunch at 12 and have dinner at 5 pm. The later you go to bed the better it is to skip breakfast and take your lunch at lunchtime.

For sure this will take some time until you get used to but a lot of women experienced that you will not be missing breakfast once you are in the rhythm. Nevertheless, there are 3 stages you run through when starting intermittent fasting.

Stage 1) 2-4 weeks

You will have to get used to more exteneded periods of eating nothing. Very important is to be disciplined and get the help of a friend.

This can be a person that is close to you or someone you know that has experience with intermittent fasting. Mental support helps you through the first two weeks which are the hardest. Then it becomes easier.

I recommend doing sports at least two cardio sessions twice a week 45 minutes minimum. This boosts stage one, and you will lose weight faster.

Stage 2) 3-5 month

You are now used to periods of eating and non-eating and can try to expand non-eating periods up to 20 hours a day. It also gets easier once you have lost your first pounds. Make sure to be consistent and to motivate yourself.

Stage 3) after 4-6 month

You have reached a point where it will be entirely rational to out nothing for 16-20 hours. And a nice side effect is that the food portions you eat have achieved an average level.

All in all, it, is critical to outline that you should

Do sports

At least twice a week to lose weight faster. Additionally, you will be less hungry, and your body will become leaner. Yes I know I have told you that being thin is more important than doing spots but sport contributes positively to your healthiness, prevents illnesses and increases happiness and your overall fitness.

An advantage over other diets

intermittend fasting for women

A massive advantage of intermittent fasting compared to other diets is that you are not losing muscles but more fat.

When you usually force a calorie deficit, you also lose muscle weight what is not suitable for your overall performance and can also make you tired.

Furthermore, for most diets, it is true that you are sick of keeping your meal plan alive and once you stop eating you are facing the yo-yo effect in a lot of cases. For intermittent fasting, this is not true because you avoid having colossal calorie deficits. You eat until you are full. An essential fact is also; intermittent fasting stimulates metabolism. This is not true for most other diets. And here are a few other advantages:

intermittent fasting

– reduces blood pressure

– reduces insulin and glucose levels

– reduces inflammation

– helps to fight Alzheimer and brain decease

Finally, I have to say

Everybody reacts differently to intermittent fasting

For some of you, it will be easy to follow guidelines for others not. Some will lose weight faster others not, but there are ways how you can regulate your weight loss. If you avoid canned food, if you try to eat fresh meals and extend non-eating periods up to 20 hours you can lose weight faster. Sports, as mentioned can also positively influence your weight loss.

There are tons of things we could talk about and will in future articles. Hope I could give you a more-in-depth insight how intermittent fasting especially for women works. Feel free to leave some comments below.

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Stay healthy and energetic



4 comments on “Intermittent fasting benefits for women – 3 important facts !

  1. You have a lot of good information. Some of this I didn’t know. The placement of all your media is really good. Thanks for the info.

  2. Ty Fred. Try to give my readers more and better input in the future. Stay healthy

  3. Alex Pappas

    Nice post. I’m curious on what foods you are allowed to eat? Is there like a “grocery list” to follow because if you can eat anything wouldn’t that allow for things like diabetes to come up? Since a lot of food is processed there are unwanted sugars in them which cause a lot of bad stuff internally. Does this type of diet take that away?

    • Johann

      Hi Alex!

      If you want to have a food list, check out my new article. I do explain in detail what is allowed and I talk about food restrictions as well.

      When you do intermittent fasting, your glucose level goes down, and this will this reduce insulin level. So yes, you will feel the benefits, and you can control that way your insulin level fight off diabetes II. 

      Depending on the individual you can adjust possible your meal plan and have a superior effect on your overall health.

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