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Home Fitness Exercise Equipment – 5 Must Haves For Faster Weight Loss

My Excitement Increases


My heart starts beating when I start writing about this topic. I love home exercise, BUT it is only fun once you have the right equipment. Since I studied sports, I was able to test all kinds of fitness equipment in gyms, at the uni campus, at fitness events including workouts at home. In the past, I was also a huge Beach-Volleyball fan. When I was young Kirch Kiraly was one of my idols, nowadays, we have also two Austrian, not Australian ;), Vice-World Champions Doppler/Horst in 2017, both I know personally.

Since I played my-self tournaments, I know what fitness equipment these athletes use for warm-up, and with all my know-how from my sports-university degree in Vienna, I am familiar with the home fitness exercise equipment that might fit best for our purposes, weight-loss.

After doing Diet-Reviews about Lean Bellybreakthrough and The Ketogenic Diet, I have seen equipment these gurus are using, and I want to give you the right recommendation for a suitable and affordable home fitness equipment.


Nr. 1 Must have: A Yoga Mat


I did abs-exercises on the floor, on judo mats, on foam camping mats and on Yoga mats, and last ones are by far, in my eyes, the best solution for indoor workouts.

Product Details:

  • The Sivan Yoga Mat is 71 x 24 inches wide and ensures comfort for people of all shapes. This mat is ideal for home workouts of any kind. Stretching, toning exercises, Yoga, or Pilates.
  • Because of its sickness of 1/2 inches, it is super comfortable and protects your backside and your knees and your back.
  • Non-slip surface grips the floor to prevent injuries. That is essential for me because, compared to foam camping mats, this one is not moving on the ground. You feel safe at every moment of your work out.
  • It is Easy-to-clean, and the material is long-lasting.

The price: $21.49 is unbeatable.

I would not save money here and buy a cheaper product. The Yoga mat is worth it and compared to judo mats or camping foam mats it is the most comfortable and also a cheap solution.

==> Get the Sican Yoga Mat Now!

The next two pieces of equipment are significant for strengthening your body


Nr. 2: Exercise Ball


Before you think about buying a bench for your home gym, I would start with the cheaper alternative and buy an exercise ball. Lots of exercises you will do in the beginning can also be done with the exercise ball, and you are forced to use additional muscles to keep your balance when doing the exercises.

Product Details:

  • Extra Thick and Anti-Burst: Can resist up to 2200 lbs.
  • ANTI-SLIP and ECO-FRIENDLY: The ball is made of hypo-allergenic material and is free of heavy metals
  • Easy to inflate 🙂
  • Great for back and abdominal training as well as hundreds of low impact exercises. Can be used as office ball as well.

Guarantee: 30 days
Price: $12.49-$26.99 depending on Size.

You can check out the correct Size for you by clicking the picture below.

best gym equipment abs


Nr. 3 Adjustable Dumbbells


When you think about buying dumbbells, you need to consider more things. If you want to build muscles long term and if you want a lean body, then there is no way around adjustable dumbbells.

Especially within the first 3-4 weeks, you will build muscles fast, and thus you will need heavier weights soon. If you want to save time, you should consider buying the Bowflex SelectTec 552.

Product Details:

  • Each dumbbell adjusts from 5 to 52.5 pounds. Adjusts in 2.5-pound increments
  • Lets you rapidly switch ==> significant if you want to save time when doing your workout
  • Eliminates the need for multiple dumbbells

Guarantee: 2 Years warranty on weight plates and parts, upgrade to 4 years possible
Price: $264.00

==> Check out the product here

If you do not care about your home space and about the time, it takes to adjust the dumbbells I have a cheaper solution for you below. Make sure; you are aware of the consequences.

From my experience, it will jar on the nerves when you need to constantly change the weights and when it takes long.

Product Details:

  • Set of 2 dumbbells. 105 lbs total, 5/2.5 /1.25 pound plates
  • Cast Iron Weight Plates fit 1.15-Inch Standard bar
  • 16-Inch Diamond Knurled Chrome Handle
  • Easy Use and Storage

==> Check out the product here

Nr. 4: TriggerPoint Foam Roller With Free Instruction Videos


Foam rollers are the absolute best part of every fitness training. Those who are not familiar with foam rollers, do not worry, I explain why we need them.

They can prevent muscle hangover, provide you with fast muscle recovery, pain relief, and improved flexibility.

When you use them before or after the exercises they are like a massage. For me it is a pleasure to use them, because I feel great afterwards. When you do use foam rollers, it hurts the first times, but mainly because your muscles are stiff and you get used to the TriggerPoint Foam Roller within days and you see results very fast.

Product Details:

  • Unbreakable quality material, will not lose shape. This is very important once you consider buying a foam roller. Cheaper products will change there size and shape over time.
  • Access to free online instructional video library from experts at TriggerPoint
  • Original Grid: Standard density, a 500-pound weight limit

Guarantee: 1 Year
Price: $39.95

For me, the TriggerPoint Foam Roller is a must have when working out at home. I would not have listed this product if I did not believe in it.


Nr. 5: TheraBand Bands Set


In case, you are on the move and not able to work out at home, these bands are perfect to use them instead of dumbbells.

I normally use them when I am on holidays. They are cheap and efficient.

Product Details:

  • 3 easy to use resistance levels. Yellow: 3-4.3 lbs.; Red: 3.7-5.5 lbs.; Green 4.6-6.7 lbs. Great for those recovering from surgery or rehabilitation.
  • Can be used as elastic stretching bands
  • Non-Latex-Resistance Bands: Increase strength and flexibility
  • Children can also use them
  • 5 feet long x 4 inches wide
  • Yellow

Price: $10.15

==> Get the product by clicking here


Is This Equipment Adequate For All My Workouts?


These types of equipment are recommendations for beginners and for people that want to start a diet and a workout at home. With these fitness products, you can do most of the basic exercises necessary to get your body in shape. I tried to find cheap and excellent solutions for you because I do not want you to spend too much money on fitness equipment when you just get started.

If you manage to workout over a more extended period, if you would ask me, I would say minimum 3-4 month workout, and you still do your exercises on a consistent basis, then you can start upgrading your home gym.

Nonetheless, it is up to you. You can also upgrade your home gym now if you want to workout like a champion 😉

If you have any questions feel free to leave them below, and I will be more than happy to answer.

Stay healthy and fit.








2 comments on “Home Fitness Exercise Equipment – 5 Must Haves For Faster Weight Loss

  1. Josephine

    These are some great suggestions for at-home workouts. I just had a baby, so I am looking for some solutions to get started working out again so I can lose this baby weight. I am limited to my living room right now so some of these items would be perfect to get me going right away. I really didn’t want to spend money on another expensive gym membership again.

    • Thank you, Josephine.

      I tried to make cheap suggestions that everyone can afford. When you have a baby, you will have to spend money on baby stuff too 🙂


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