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Extreme Weight Loss Pills – Do They Work?

The Myth “Weight Loss Pills”


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Becoming lean, sexy, desirable, more energized without following a specific diet or weight loss program is the dream everyone pursues. If it were a real possibility, I would be more than happy to give it a try. I could save time, sweat, and lose weight without further effort by using extreme weight loss pills.

That is what most compounds promise and what we are after. But is this reality or will it remain an unfulfilled dream?

Let us dive into this.

Over the last 40 years, the percentage of overweight and obese people increased according to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. Between 1988 and 1994 53% of the population suffered from obesity, and till 2014 the number skyrocketed to 66%.

Unfortunately, fewer individuals try to lose weight nowadays. They tend to make their life easy and go for the pill instead of doing fitness and adjusting their nutrition.

As far as I am concerned, I was tempted to try a weight loss pill in the past more often. But the fear of doing something unnatural has held me back. How can a diet be a solution to a problem that occurred through wrong eating habits and not enough self-discipline?

What we are going to discuss today are positive and negative effects diet pills. If they are worth trying them or if we should seek for a better aid to fight of the pounds.

What sorts of diet pills are available?


list of diet pills

Appetite Suppressants

These are drugs, designed to curb hunger and help you lose your unnecessary pounds true to the motto calorie reduction.

They are available with a doctor’s prescription and affect either your brain or hormones in your body.

Metabolism Booster

These compounds increase the metabolic rate, and thus we start burning more fat and reduce body weight. Caffeine is one example for this.

Absorption Blockers

What they do is, they prevent certain food elements from being absorbed by the body. In other words, if you cannot metabolize fat, then it has no adverse effect on your body weight 🙂

Diet Pills, Do They Work?


review of diet pills

According to my investigations, it depends. Some studies say yes, others no but even if they help, most likely not as much as you might hope. A review of studies on five major FDA-approved prescription medications for obesity shows that any of them work better than a placebo. Diet pills can help you to lose around 5% of your body weight but very slowly and only over an extended period.

They also mention that these compounds work best when you eat healthily and do workouts regularly.

Another recent article (only in German available) from the prestigious German Fitforfun-magazine explains that according to diet expert Dr. Michael Hamm, diet pills do make sense, but only in addition to healthy nutrition and fitness exercises, even if serious researchers proof that these medications have a positive effect on weight loss.

Further the article describes that especially diet supplements available on the internet do very often not help and can harm your health.

Advisable is, for example, only the active ingredient Orlistat.

Overall, it is pretty risky to buy a diet pill without consulting a doctor, and I would not recommend it. I do not feel well to sell you a product when I am not entirely confident it is right for you and can help.

==> Thus I would instead recommend taking action and changing your eating habits <==

If you really cannot resist it, then check out Alli because the product owner provides you at least with great information and personal online service.

Side Effects And Potential Risks


belly fat diet pills

I want to give you a summary of possible side effects and risks when you think about trying a diet pill. This will not be a complete list, because you will get my message anyways.

They can damage, nervous system, liver, kidney, and your cardiovascular system as well. High blood pressure, heart attacks, insomnia, depression are just a few other risks to mention.

In some cases in the past, they did even lead to death.

So, if you are suffering from obesity and you have already the risk of getting ill seriously and taking a diet pill can counteract your health problems, then it could make sense to buy weight loss pills.

Please, by all means, do not buy such products online without consulting your doctor.


Diet Pills Alternatives


best diets pills

A way better solution is searching for natural weight loss supplements. Weight loss teas and herbal teas should be your first choice besides changing your eating habits.

They are much better than diet pills for healthy weight loss, and they suppress your appetite without slowing down your metabolism.
Diet pills are nothing more than drugs, and the side effects can be devastating.

My Recommendation


do any diet pills work



Why eat a diet pill when the best products only help you to lose 6 to 7 pounds of weight over a one year period? I guess most of you aim to lose weight fast, so I recommend using a better strategy and swap to healthy nutrition and work out. Another point I did not even talk about: The costs of diet pills are more than $100 per month on average.

Other diet products online are cheaper, and provide you with tasty meals and they are a long-term solution. Do yourself a favor and choose the healthy path. For no means I want you to take a risk just for the sake of getting lean without effort.

It does not work this way! And even if diet pills work and you are lucky to not suffer from side effects, the number of pounds you can lose through pills is negligible compared to changing your nutrition.

If you need any further assistance, or if you have any questions leave a comment below, and we can start a discussion.

Stay healthy and fit.







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