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Core Workout Routines For Men – Easy To Follow Exercises for 40+

Today I am going to present how my warm-up routine looks like. Hopefully, you are eager to workout like I am 🙂 It is still not too late for getting yourself in better shape before the summer is coming, but even if you read this article at later point, be ready to start your work out journey and push yourself to a better version of yourself.

I know that we all aim for looking better, being more energized and desirable. So let us take action now!

Before we start, I want to give you some guidelines to get a basic level of understanding how warm-up exercises work and why they are essential.

Like in every sport you do, you have to prepare yourself for the competition. A tennis player, for example, has already hit hundreds of balls before he enters the court and faces his opponent. The same should be the case for you. Before you grab the heavyweights you should start your core workout routines for men.

Warm up is essential to avoid injuries, to prepare your muscles for more weight and to strengthen your overall body.

Usually, my warm-up routine consists of 3-5 exercises. For beginners, I recommend doing ten repetitions and total two rounds. Make pauses of one minute between each set. Another option is to do each exercise for one minute and do as many reps as you can for two rounds in this period. Do the same work out for a maximum of six weeks.

Then you need, like Arnold Schwarzenegger says, to shock your muscle and thus change the routine. Otherwise, the muscles get used to your exercises and do not grow as fast as they could.

Why should you focus on the core?


core exercise

It is needless to say that a strong base, besides looking awesome protects your intervertebral discs, and enhances your posture. You will look and feel better and that also improves your motivation 🙂 Personally, I have discovered, once I build muscles I feel more masculine and energized, thus get more motivated and my self-confidence increases.

I am hundred percent sure this will be the same for you. And whatever goal you have, being as strong as a bear, being as good looking like all the celebrities out there, getting in better shape, get rid of a backache, that all is achievable through core workout.

It can bring you to a high level of body control and gives you the ability to perform way better in any other exercise and sport. Further, it can prevent or ease back problems.

Now you know why to warm up is right for you, so let’s dive into the exciting part, the workout.

Each exercise I show you can be done in the beginning without additional weights on the ground as well. The only exception is the ab roller wheel.

You will only need a Yoga Mat or similar to get yourself comfortable when working out otherwise doing these exercises will not be funny 🙁

I highly recommend getting a beginner fitness equipment. You do not need to buy all at once. Build your home gym slowly; this is also what I do. I cannot afford a fitness room at the moment but I aim for it. Long-term it will be way cheaper than visiting a local gym.

Core 1: V-Ups With Medicine Ball



You start lying faceup with legs and arms extended. Hold the medicine ball with your hands and simultaneously raise upper body and lower body while trying to touch the ball to toes. This workout targets the upper abdominals, and you can increase the level of difficulty either through more repetitions or a heavier ball.


medicine ball


I used a 6-pound medicine ball but long-term I will get myself a medicine ball set to have an appropriate shot for every exercise.

Core 2: Ab Wheel Knee Rollout


The Ab Wheel is an massively useful tool so develop abdominal strength and to test your mid-section tension. This is a part where I have slight deficits too. Through this exercise, you will see fast improvements and slowly build your core.


Ab Wheel

Take up a kneeling position and start extending your body. If it is too hard for you to roll out all the way, merely practice partial rollouts. Then enlarge the distance as you gain in strength.

Then increase the repetitions up to 20.

Further variations are, using a weighted vest, using only one arm or leg, change from kneeing to pushup position.


Core 3: Boso Lateral Sit Ups



This exercise is more accessible than the other ones and targets the mediolateral obliques. I love this workout since it is easy to make and you see successes fast. I use a Boso because it makes me more flexible and improves my mobility. This tool is excellent to increase the level of difficulty of your tension-exercises and is super useful to give you more strength.



Lie on your Boso or Yoga Mat in side-position. Look at your hands. Envision that you hold a rope in your hands and someone pulls on it and then slowly curl your upper body and lift your shoulders off the floor. Pause at the top and gently lower back down. Change the sides and repeat the exercise.

Core 4: Bird Dog



Now let us see if you have balls 🙂 This exercise is much more intense, primarily when you use a Boso. When doing this work out on the mat, it is easier and gets boring fast but using a Boso will be mid-term more effective and give you more core strength. When shooting this video, I struggled myself a bit since I have not done this routine for a more extended period, but you get used to.

Go down on hands and knees in dog position. Lift right leg and left arm and try to extend your right leg to the rear and reaching forward with the left arm to the maximum possible extension. Then pull back your arms and legs and if possible knee and elbow should touch. This way you train your upper and lower abdominals and your glutes as well.

Core 5: Superman With Small Ball



Last but not least we go in astronomical spheres and copy the superman position 🙂

Lie facedown on the Boso or mat with arms beside of your body. Hold a therapy ball in one hand. Tighten glutes, and pinch your shoulder blades together. Simultaneously extend the arm with the ball forward, the other one backward, keep chest on the Boso, and legs on the floor. After you have done the ten repetitions, change sides.

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All these workouts will have a significant impact on your overall core. They can be done daily, and it should take you only about 15-20 minutes to complete all exercises.

In the beginning, mainly when you are not used doing these routines, the might seem complicated and hard, but once you have done them 3-4 times, they become much more comfortable.

Have fun when you try these lessons and remember, you are doing this to feel and look better 🙂 Rome was not built in a day.

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As always, if you have any questions leave me a comment, and I will be more than happy to answer them.

Stay healthy and fit.






2 comments on “Core Workout Routines For Men – Easy To Follow Exercises for 40+

  1. I find that exercising regularly is as you say. It not only makes you more desirable, but your increased confidence improves every other area of your life.

    Mental health professionals often say that mild exercise can substantially improve your mood. This is especially true if you are suffering from depression.

    Some of these exercises seem a little tough for people over 40 in bad shape. However, modifications are always possible with any exercise. Thanks for the post.

    • Hey Ernest! The exercises are part of my warm up routine . The hardest is the bird dog with Boso. Without Boso it should be doable for most people unless you suffer from being oberweight or if you have injuries.

      I will definitely post beginner exercises in the near future. There will be lessons with and without fitness Equipment suitable for various fitness levels. 

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