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A ketogenic diet meal plan – 7 Ideas how to get a healthy meal plan

Since I did a lot of research myself, I can assure you that getting a ketogenic diet meal plan sometimes needs a lot of effort.

Most of us start searching on the internet with the hope of obtaining FREE diet plans, easy to cook, with great pictures, and at best they should also taste delicious. Personally, I did try a lot myself, and I want to share with you seven Ideas how to get a good meal plan. I want to explain all the obstacles that occurred and also, I want to help you to save your valuable time of research. My recommendation is taking notes and try the things you think you might benefit from.

1) Buy the Meal Plan at a Local Store or Online

the best diet plan for weight loss

Aforementioned is for sure the simplest of all solutions. If you want to have meals with pictures, well explained, then you should choose this path. Buying a ketogenic cookbook right away at a local bookstore can save you a lot of your valuable time. You can check the index, including recipes and meal plans. Additionally you can also ask the salesman for his opinion.

At first, this might seem time-consuming since you need to leave your home and go outsides, but since I made hundreds of research myself, for certain, I can tell you this will save a lot of time and you get good, satisfying results.

Searching online, is more time-consuming, but you can check out reviews and blogs to get decent insights on good meal plans. If you have found a site and you believe the posts delivers good content you can definitely stick to this site and follow the advices given.

Local shop


– you will get advice from the salesman for free

– no sign ups on websites, no email spam, no upsells

– you save time, most likely you are done within 1-2 hours

– you support your local bookshop 🙂


– you have to pay immediately

– you get only one other opinion

– the salesman has limited cookbooks at his store and maybe personal attached

– it is more expensive than on the internet

2) Search on the Internet for Ketogenic Forums

There are great forums out there with useful hints. The advantage is, you get a lot of opinions on various books and can avoid buying books with lousy content. Unfortunately, there are lots of hobby nutritionists that might think they have decent knowledge but that is often not the case. Sometimes you get charged for joining the forum, and these are extra expenses before you even bought a book. Very often they sell products themselves.


– you can ask for advice, and you can get the right book recommendations from more people

– you might get free recipes but very often no meal plans


– you need to register

– sometimes you still need to buy cookbooks!

– it takes more time to set up a meal plan

– you can have extra expenses

– need a lot of time to do proper research

3) Watch Youtube Videos

best diet on youtube

Yes, you can watch YouTube videos and still get good advice from ketogenic channels. My advice is definitely to watch out if they also have an own website, Facebook account, and other social media channels.

Then you are most likely on the safe side and get info from people that put a lot of time and effort to help you out. And it is more likely you get an expert’s opinion. The more people are convinced and comment positively the more likely the videos give good content.


– more content for free

– it is the cheapest way to get meal plans

– more entertaining than reading an article


– Very often tons of advertising during the videos

– Still, they want to sell you the great advice in most cases and offer only small pieces of free advice

– time-consuming to find someone you sympathize with

4) Buy an Online Diet Program, Why?

best diet plans for weight loss

Because the costs are often marginal higher than buying a good cookbook with decent meal plans, and diet programs have good meal plans included. You get your meal plan + a whole diet strategy with exercises for free.

There are diets for 20-40 dollars singular payment available. You do not even need to join a diet program with a monthly reoccurring fee. For example, check out my review of the Leaner Belly Breakthrough. There are seven books in the core program included with three books containing only food advice and one book only containing meal plans.

Further, you get more meal plans and recipes through emails. But feel free to check out any other diet program that you like.


– meal plan + exercises for marginal extra money

– all the programs on this site have a money back guarantee, and all severe products do the same because they know their product is good

– you save time and can start immediately


– email spamming

– a little more extra expenses

– depending on the diet fewer meals than in a ketogenic diet meal plan cookbook

5) Go to a Local Nutritionist

That is the most expensive option but also the most personalized one. I did this already and do this again in two weeks and will write an article about it in the future 🙂 I am curious about another expert’s opinion. Honestly, stay with the one you find and prepare good questions so that you get the maximum of information out of the money you spend there.

Every nutritionist will tell you other things that are important based on his experience. As far as I can tell you, there are a lot of ways to Rome and depending on what books the nutritionists read, personal preferences they have and exams they made, they tell you what they think might fit for you.


– Personalized meal plan

– also, take illnesses and allergies into account


– you need to arrange an appointment

– the most expensive solution for getting a meal plan

6) Join Social Media Forums and Diet Groups

diet plans for weight loss

Compared to the other variants, this might be the one Idea with the most significant chance of getting free meal plans, and instructions. You get a lot of tips for websites and also a lot of books advises.


– lots of opinions

– a wider variety of groups

– most likely cheapest way to get recipes


– you need to find the right group for you

– you see hardly ever expert’s in the group

7) Get Mobile Apps

If you want to have your recipes by hand, this can be one of the best solutions. For sure also not the cheapest. Most likely you get charged the most long-term, but you have your meal plans always with you. Those products that are available for free, are super often limited, and you need to upgrade so that all features are available.


– you get your meal plans immediately

– a wide variety of meal plans

– you can at any time and anywhere look up the meals as long as you have your handy with you


– more expensive long-term

– the apps are designed for handy not desktops


In the end, it is up to you what path you choose. If you want to save money, you will most likely not go to a nutritionist, and if you have other things that are important to you, you also decide differently.

I hope, I could help you to save time for the future. My recommendation is to buy a ketogenic book and test it. Don’t forget to check if there is money back guarantee then you are on the safe side. Feel free to leave any comments on that article. I will be more than happy to answer.

Stay healthy and fit


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